Humanities Kansas

Brand strategy, positioning, messaging, website


Created while Strategy Director at Imagemakers.


Faced with a highly charged political and social environment in a deeply red state, the Kansas Humanities Council sought to clarify and elevate its brand and to use the power of the humanities to inspire all Kansans to engage more deeply with their communities and democracy. The organization sought to cement its status as the statewide humanities leader and to use the power of ideas and storytelling to create a smart, modern brand.



Co-led the RFP response to the Kansas Humanities Council and helped win the work with presentations to the organization’s leadership and sub-committee of the Board of Directors. Oversaw the branding phase of the project from discovery to delivery of the final brand style guide.

Led a comprehensive discovery phase including work sessions with leadership and Re-Branding Task Force of the Board of Directors, focus groups, interviews, e-survey, competitive audit, brand exploration and more


Presented robust findings report with recommendations to leadership and the Board’s Re-Branding Task Force


Created a cause positioning for the organization that positioned it as the leader of a movement of ideas in Kansas


Crafted a brand messaging platform that reflected this cause positioning, defined the power of the humanities to strengthen communities, and activated audiences to join a movement of ideas in their communities


Advised on name change to Humanities Kansas


Partnered on visual brand with design team, including logo, color palette and graphic elements


Presented the findings and new brand to the full 20-member Board of Directors and won their enthusiastic endorsement


Wrapped branding phase by co-creating written and visual brand style guide

With the brand work complete, I played an advisory role on website development and wrote the script for a two-minute video introducing the new brand and website.

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Messaging examples:

What is Humanities Kansas?

Humanities Kansas is an independent nonprofit spearheading a movement of ideas to empower the people of Kansas to strengthen their communities and our democracy.

Since 1972, our pioneering programming, grants and partnerships have documented and shared stories to spark conversations and generate insights.

Together with our partners and supporters, we inspire all Kansans to draw on history, literature, ethics and culture to enrich their lives and to serve the communities and state we all proudly call home.


Why do the Humanities Matter in Kansas?

We believe that stories carry our culture and ideas change the world.


Since our founding as an independent nonprofit in 1972, Humanities Kansas has pioneered programming, grants and partnerships that share stories to spark conversations — drawing people together and generating new ideas. These stories and ideas inspire each of us in Kansas to play a part in strengthening our communities and our democracy.


Our Stories tell us who we were.

Our Conversations inform who we are.

Our Actions define who we’ll become.

How do we impact Kansas?

We believe that democracy demands wisdom and vision in its citizens — and that the humanities provide a way to gain both.


Our programming, grants and resources are designed to share stories that inspire, spark conversations that inform, and generate insights that strengthen civic engagement.


As a partner to the National Endowment for the Humanities, we are the sole statewide advocate for the humanities in Kansas.

In 2017, our work reached 1 in 8 Kansans across 119 communities with:

- $301,928 awarded in Heritage, Humanities and Community Resource grants

- 610 supported events and grants

- 201 partnerships with local organizations

- $868,545 leveraged in community support


What are the Humanities?


The humanities help us understand what it means to be human — to seek connections with people and place.


As we draw on our diverse histories, literature, ethics and cultures, we see more clearly who we are as people and define ideas that will shape a future worthy of generations to come.


The humanities start with stories — stories that connect us, that tell us who we are and where we’ve come from. They help us draw on insights from history, literature and culture to live richer lives.


The humanities generate ideas — ideas that change lives, that make each of us better citizens, and that strengthen the choices we make every day at home, at work and in our communities.


The humanities inspire action — action that changes lives and strengthens communities and our democracy.