American School 

of Bombay

Brand strategy, positioning, messaging, website


Created while serving as managing director at Suka Creative.



Confronted with an increasingly competitive landscape of local and international schools, the American School of Bombay sought to reach and retain students, families and faculty by speaking plainly about its status as one of the best schools in the world. The School sought to differentiate itself by highlighting is innovative vision, rigorous academics and international student body. And the School sought to then bring its new positioning to life through a website that would reflect its vision.



After pouring over the school’s research, pedagogy and materials, conducting a competitive audit, and interviewing board members and leadership, I repositioned the School as the “School for the Future,” and crafted key messaging that defined the school’s vision and differentiated their approach, facilities and setting in Mumbai, one of the world’s great cities and cultural capitals. After presenting the final messaging to the School's Board of Directors and winning their approval, I translated the messaging into a robust content strategy and partnered with Suka’s design team to conceive of the IA, user experience and design that became a breakthrough website.


View the American School of Bombay website.


Copy examples from messaging exercise


1. Positioning Statement


School for the Future


At the American School of Bombay, we place students at the center of their learning experience. Remarkable educators, resources and opportunities equip students with the skills they need to explore ideas, initiate projects and generate insights. Our students are empowered to take charge of their education and to prepare for a future they themselves create.


We infuse a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit into every aspect of our school. Combining a dynamic American approach with the International Baccalaureate program and India’s rich culture, we offer an education as rigorous as it is inventive. Together, our students, educators and parents are, literally, creating a new education paradigm through progressive teaching and learning practices and relentless collaboration.


We engender risk-taking in a culture that inspires students, parents and educators to experiment, to explore and to learn in action. Our deep commitment to capacity building, ethical behavior and innovation empowers every member of our community to question convention, master relevant skills and address real-world issues.


ASB is a vibrant learning community — forward thinking in every sense — that draws on the lessons of today as we prepare to shape tomorrow.


2. Key Messages

Note: These key messages present ideas that are essential to convey to each of the American School of Bombay's target audiences. While the text of messages would not necessarily be used verbatim, each point articulates a key aspect of the School’s identity that guide. the creation of all materials — online to print, speeches to workshops. Supporting proof points are not included.


Message 1. Learning with intent

At the American School of Bombay, learning has a purpose: to empower students, parents and educators to realize their potential and enhance the lives of others.


Message 2: As rigorous as we are inventive

We are one of the most rigorous – and unconventional – international K-12 schools in the world.


Message 3: Remarkable educators

We have assembled a remarkable team of educators — teachers, researchers and staff — with the skills and spirit to impact the lives of our students and the future of education.


Message 4: Integrating technology

We integrate technology to support, enhance and enrich learning and to cultivate real-world skills.


Message 5: Bombay, India and the World

With our home in India’s vibrant cultural and financial capital — and a student population drawn from more than 50 countries — ASB is a multicultural learning hub. 


Message 6: A center of learning

The American School of Bombay is a center of learning for our students as well as for educators and thought leaders from around the world.


Message 7: A diverse and welcoming community

We are a vibrant and diverse community that welcomes and empowers each person to help us create a transformative educational experience.