I’m looking for organizations that want to create brands that go beyond the ordinary — brands that inform, inspire and incite interaction.

I’ve led teams at top New York City agencies and organizations and have created breakthrough work for national nonprofits, cultural institutions and Fortune 500s. 

I’m seeking projects — whether as a brand strategist, leader or writer.

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Tell your story in ways that matter


Paid, earned, shared, owned... I believe that brand communications aren't relevant unless they make a head and heart connection. After watching some of the best agencies create materials that missed, I developed a 4-step process that builds strong partnerships with clients, drawing on what we each do best to create work that inspires meaningful change.  

1. Initiate. I start projects by exploring business, brand and audience needs. I lead research activities that uncover what an organization stands for, and why that matters. I survey the competition, study target audiences and internalize strategic priorities.

2. Validate. With insights and initial themes in hand, I share what I’ve learned with stakeholders to verify findings and benefit from additional input. Once we have the big ideas right, the fun really starts. 

3. Create. Whether it's creating a brand, website or campaign, I lead a process that enables people to pool their talents with flexibility and imagination. Together, we generate work that transforms brands, hits business targets and inspires audiences. 

4. Evaluate. Post launch, we test and refine in real-time so audiences experience dynamic communications they can benefit from  and a brand they can believe in.

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